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    Guidelines for your prescription

    New guidelines for your prescription

    A Dutch pharmacy is legally required to check if a (single) dosage of the medication is indicated on the prescription, besides the information of the patient (date of birth, name, address) and the prescribing doctor.  For example 3 x 1 tablet a day and no indication as UC (usage known).
    There is a debate about making this requirement mandatory on an European level. Commissions have already been started for this.
    Nur auf einem Teil der bei uns eingereichten Rezepte wird derzeit eine klare Dosierung angegeben.

    Exceptions are insulin and blood thinners. For some medication, including anti conception pills, a standard dosage is sufficient. For these medicine, a UC (usage known) or "as prescribed by doctor" is sufficient.

    The new guidelines are in effect for all pharmacies in the Netherlands, including online pharmacies. All patients (also from abroad) visiting a Dutch pharmacy are handled in this manner.