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    General terms and conditions A3 Apotheke

    General terms and conditions A3 Apotheke

    Shall apply on the agreements made on www.a3apotheke.de.

    Article 1 – Definitions
    1.1. In these terms and conditions please note that:
    A3 Apotheke: is a trade name by A3 Holding BV, based in Dinxperlo, the Netherlands, and registered at the Dutch Chamber of Commerce, registration number 56744676.

    Article 2 – Applicability
    2.1. These terms and conditions apply to all offers, orders and agreements. The terms and conditions can also be found on www.a3apotheke.de. By placing and order or accepting an offer you accept these terms and conditions.

    Article 3 – Agreements
    3.1. The agreement will only be established when you, the buyer, place an order and A3 Apotheke accepts this order. A3 Apotheke has the right to refuse an order when the establishment of an agreement could potentially be harmful to A3 Apotheke or could harm the relation between the two parties of the agreement.

    Article 4 – Prices and payment
    4.1. The prices displayed on www.a3apotheke.de are in the Euro (€) currency and include VAT, unless explicitly stated otherwise at the product or in the offer. Payment is due (in case of prepayment) within 8 days of the order date.

    4.2. In case you, as the buyer, receive your order on credit (for instance as a doctors office), a payment term of at the longest 14 days after the invoice date is in effect. In case you are to exceed this term and the claim is subject to written demand and collection all the arising fees as well as an interest rate of 1% a month will be payable by the buyer to A3 Apotheke. The interest will be calculated from the date your payment was last due. When you still default to pay, A3 Apotheke reserves the right to suspend or terminate the agreement.

    4.3. All offers are noncommittal and A3 Apotheke reserves the right at all times to change their prices.

    4.4. A3 Apotheke sends medication using an expediter. No delivery costs for prescription products (in Germany). Otherwise € 4,50 (in Germany). If you want your medication delivered, you can indicate this during the order process on the website.

    Article 5 – Order status
    5.1. In order to view your order status you can log in to the website and view this status on your account.
    Whenever changes are made you will be notified, by automatically generated messages, by email.

    Article 6 – Delivery times
    6.1. Delivery term
    Orders will only be handled during regular working days, when A3 Apotheke has received the correct order amount before 10:00 as well as a valid prescription (where applicable).
    Provided all the products in the order are in stock the order will be sent the same day, in case the correct payment is received.

    The indicated delivery times are only an indication, exceeding this term does not in any case provide you with the right on compensation, discounts etc. Additionally you are not eligible to terminate the agreement based on an exceeded delivery term.

    Orders received out of office hours will be handled on the first work day thereafter.
    Working days at A3 Apotheke are Monday to Friday from 09.00 – 17.00, however not counting official Dutch holidays.

    6.2. Maximum delivery time
    Usually you will receive your ordered products within two working days, provided all the requirements have been met.
    In case you need to wait longer than 30 days for the product your ordered you are given the right to terminate the agreement free of charge.

    6.3. Cooled products
    Cooled products are exclusively shipped by the carrier from Monday to Wednesday.

    Article 7 – Reclamations and liability
    7.1. After receiving your order you must always check if the article meets the agreement. If this is not the case you need to notify A3 Apotheke by email or otherwise written notification.

    7.2. In case it is clear that the products do not meet the agreement A3 Apotheke either has the opportunity to replace them with a new product which will be delivered without charging anything extra, or alternatively remunerate the purchasing value provided this was already fully paid by the buyer. Damage to the products caused by the buyer self will definitely be excluded from any type of reclamation.

    7.3.  In case the product has become unusable due to damages caused by the shipment by the carrier, or if it does not meet the order, we offer the opportunity to send this product back to A3 Apotheke within 30 days of receipt. Returned products will exclusively be accepted in their original packaging and unopened.

    7.4. Normally you have the right to return ordered products, however for medication an exception is made. The reason behind this is that medication easily deteriorates.
    Once medication has been sent, and in the case of a returned product, it can not be checked to what extent the medication has been influenced concerning the quality and safety. Additionally the medication has been issued on prescription to an individual only.

    7.5. Unstamped returned products will not be accepted by A3 Apotheke. The potential extra fees are fully borne by the customer.

    Article 8 – Shipment and risk
    8.1. A3 Apotheke will send all products in parcels, so they can not be delivers to a mailbox. Parcel post has been insured against loss and damages, this will be handled by the carrier.

    8.2. Your order will be delivered 1x. When you are not home during this delivery the order will be taken back by the carrier. Subsequently the order will either be delivered to you address once more, or it will directly be delivered to the nearest package shop. This decision is up to the carrier.

    In case you are not available during the second delivery you will per usual receive a notification from the carrier, that your order can be retrieved from the nearest package shop. Experience has taught us however, that on some occasions no notification is received from the carrier. Unfortunately A3 Apotheke has no influence on this. Please make sure that someone is available on the address when your order is due for delivery.

    Based on the package number, which you will receive from the carrier, you can track the estimated order date online. It is also possible to get the order delivered on an alternative deliver address.
    In case you are not home during office hours you are required to enter an alternative delivery address, enabling you to receive your order without any delay.

    Article 9 – Use of this website
    9.1. This website or parts of this website are not to be reproduced, copied, duplicated, sold or in any other way commercially exploited without written consent from A3 Apotheke.

    Article 10 – Force Majeure
    10.1. In case of force majeure A3 Apotheke holds the right to either choose to suspend or terminate handling your order and/or the agreement. You will receive written notification and A3 Apotheke will in this case not be held accountable for compensation.

    10.2. Force majeure is to be understood to include any circumstance which hinders A3 Apotheke from executing their part of the agreement which are not accountable to A3 Apotheke.

    Article 11 – Privacy statement
    11.1. A3 Apotheke respects the privacy of all the users of her website and takes care that the personal details you have provided us with will be treated confidentially. We will use your details in order to execute your orders as fast and easy as possible. In any other case we will only use your details with your consent.

    11.2. A3 Apotheke will never sell or hand your personal details to third parties.
    A3 Apotheke uses the collected details in order to provide her customers with the following services:

    a. When placing an order we need your name, address, postal code, city, date of birth, email address and payment details in order to execute this order and to keep you up to date about it's progress.

    b. In order to make your shopping experience on A3 Apotheke as pleasant as possible we save, with your permission, your personal details, as well as the details concerning your order and the use of our services. This allows us to personalize the website.

    11.3. With your permission we will use your details to inform you about the development of the website and about special offers and bargains. If you no longer wish to receive these you can change this option by going to your account and removing the check-mark next to 'receive newsletter'. We will store information such as name and address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, payment data, in your account so you do not have to enter this again. Information about the usage of our site and the feedback we receive from our visitor help us in improving and developing our website.

    11.4. A3 Apotheke keeps to the law applicable in the Netherlands under which the NAN (Dutch Pharmacist Standard) as well as the Medicines Act. In these standards is included how A3 Apotheke is to handle medication security and the medical details of her customers.

    12. Other
    12.1. These terms and conditions shall be applicable from the 1st of January 2013.

    12.2. Whenever A3 Apotheke uses images they may not be a true representation, at times example images are used. Any mistakes or errors within the offered range will not be binding on A3 Apotheke.

    12.3. When a customer solely submits a prescription, withour placing any order on the website, this prescription will not be further handled. This will only be done when a customer has notified A3 Apotheke in any way. A3 Apotheke is able to place an order for the customer, and will charge an administrative fee.

    12.4. When a product is ordered which requires a valid prescription to be submitted, and none has been received by A3 Apotheke, and the payment has been made already the paid amount will be remunerated to the bank account of the customer after deduction of an administrative fee. The customer is obliged to verify himself of the prescription requirements – as indicated on the frequently asked questions on this website – before making any payments.

    13. Applicable law and disputes
    13.1. All disputes of any kind, arising from or connected to this agreement, are to be brought before a qualified Dutch court, where only the Dutch version of these terms and conditions is binding.
    The Dutch law will be exclusively applicable.