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    Please read our frequently asked questions or email us with your question.
    Of course you can call us as well (during office hours).
    Whatsapp: 0031-645889449
    Please feel free to call us with your question.

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    • Can I get all medication at A3 Apotheke?

      You can order all German medication at A3 Apotheke, just like in your own pharmacies. You can also order all Dutch medication. We can deliver all prescribed medication.

      All medication (also prescribed) can be found using the search function (search product) on the website.

    • Why is the amount of medication sometimes restricted?

      As a Dutch pharmacy, we take our pharmaceutical responsibility and your safety very seriously. This is why we have limited the order amounts of some medication. A lot of medicines can lead to health problems or death after overdosing. Please check if continuous usage or prescription free articles can indicate illness that requires medical treatment.

      If you need more medication (or larger amounts) due to special circumstances, always contact us.

    • How do I find a prescription-free product on the website of A3 Apotheke?

      Prescription products cannot be displayed in a category structure due to legal reasons. They can only be found using the search function (with / without prescription).

      Enter the name or PZN of the product and press search. The PZN can also be found on the packaging of the product (if you have it).

    • What is the difference between original medication and generic medication?

      There should not be a difference. You have no doubt heard that dangerous copies of medication is being offered on the internet. Please assured: our website is supported by a pharmacist and a fully responsible team. You are guaranteed to receive original medication. Generic is also original. As you might know, the patents of manufacturers on an active substance expire after an amount of time. This means that every pharmaceutical company can sell this active substance, which often leads to price drops. This most well known generic products are aspirin and ibuprofen.

    Data protection

    • Use of information

      A3 Apotheke respects the privacy of all her customers and we take care that all the personal details you have provided us with will be treated confidentially and discretely.

      A3 Apotheke applies the Privacy statement based on the Law on Protection of Personal details. This law states that your personal details are only to be used for the purpose they have been requested for and that they will only be viewed strictly by those whom need them.

      The law gives you the right to view, edit, complement or delete the details we have saved about you and to be notified about the provision of these details to the pharmacist and the pharmacist assistants. They all work with professional confidentiality.

      We will only use your personal details in order to process your orders as quickly and easily as possible. For any other purpose we will only use your details with your expressed consent.
      You are able to view and edit the registered details in your account.

      Your details, which are registered at A3 Apotheke, will never be sold or shown to third parties. We promise you.

      So privacy, safety and discretion and full customer satisfaction are key objectives of A3 Apotheke.

      In order to send the details over the Internet A3 Apotheke uses an encryption technology (code).

      More information about the Law on Protection of Personal Details: www.cbpweb.nl.

    General information

    • I am unhappy with your service

      For both praise and criticism  you can email us at info@a3apotheke.de.

    • Sustainability

      Medicines can have different best before dates. You will receive medication that can be stored for at least 12 months. We cannot indicate the precise shelf life of specific medication.

    • Do you have a German post address?

      Yes, we have a German post address (for prescriptions).

      Please send the original prescription to:

      A3 Apotheke
      c/o Wehrstrasse 10
      46399 Bocholt - Germany

    • Which benefits do I have when ordering from A3 Apotheke?

      Order the product you need simply from home. Profit from good prices, no matter if its German or Dutch medication, cosmetics or wellness products.

      • Good prices
      • Complete range of over 200.000 products (German and Dutch manufacturers)
      • No delivery costs for prescription orders (Germany),  EU 4,50 delivery costs to Germany otherwise. The delivery costs will be free over certain amounts (only for products without prescription).
      • Fast and discrete delivery within 1 to 2 business days (DHL)
      • Delivery to packing station possible
      • Customer service, individual advice
      • We check every order as accurate as we do in our pharmacy in Dinxperlo for possible interactions etc. No order leaves our pharmacy without a thorough pharmaceutical inspection.
      • Your data is secured and encrypted
      • We can always find your previously ordered medication. This is an extra service to you.
    • Are all products original?

      Yes, all products of A3 Apotheke are original with original packaging.

      Our products come exclusively from pharmaceutical retailers. This way, we can guarantee pharmaceutical safety in obtaining the products. We will only supply products permitted in Germany and Holland.

    • Can I order cooled products?

      Cooling medicine is only effective for a short while. To avoid the risk that these products are stored over the weekend in a warehouse and the temperature thus increases, we will only send out cooled medicine between Monday and Thursday.
      Be aware of this when ordering!

      Your order is send out cooled, if we have received the original prescription and payment. If this occurs on a Thursday or Friday, we will only send out your order next Monday.

      An Express delivery can be performed on Thursday or Friday in the most urgent cases. The Express delivery is possible from € 65,00. If you have any questions, you can call 0031 315 655612.

    • How can I contact A3 Apotheke?

      We are available for questions. Please contact us using the contact form.

      We are also available by phone from Monday to Friday between 09.00 and 12.30 and between 13.00 and 17.00.

      Tel.: 0031 - 315 655612

    • Do you have a newsletter?

      Yes. If you want to receive our newsletters with top offers and special actions for free, you can indicate this in your profile. Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time.

    • What is a re-import?

      Re-imports are medicines produced in Germany or The Netherlands which are packaged abroad. The active substances and strength are equal to the original packaging.

    • What does PZN mean?

      PZN is the abbreviation of Pharma-Zentral-Nummer. Each medicine has an own unique number, which can distinguish between package size and dosage. The Dutch medicines do not have a PZN.


    • How do I find the desired product?

      You can enter the name or PZN of the product in the search field (top left on the website).

      If you do not know the name of the product, you can also click on a (sub)category (left side of website). This only contains prescription-free products (best selling). All other products can only be found using the search field.

    • How can I see the status of my order?

      If the status of your order changes, you will always be informed by email. You will receive the last email when the order is send.


    • Which payments options are there?

      We offer the following payment options:

      • On account (you pay later)
      • Transferring it yourself
      • Directbanking
      • Giropay
      • Paypal (only for products without prescription) and
      • Creditcard (Visa, Mastercard and Maestro)

      Of course, we do not add any extra costs for any of these methods!


    • Is my prescription valid?
      1. A prescription needs to be signed by the doctor.
      2. The date of birth of the patient needs to be indicated.
      3. A prescription is 6 months, after written out by a doctor, valid. The date of prescription needs to be indicated by the doctor.
      4. Besides the name of the product, or the active substance, the strength and method of application need to indicated.

      If one of these 4 criteria is not met, the prescription needs to be adjusted or fixed by the doctor (before you send the prescription).

    • In which instances do I need to send a prescription?

      We need an original prescription for each product that legally requires it. Exceptions are repeat-orders of the anti conception pill and Nuvaring. You will only need to mail in an original prescription once for these products.

      All products requiring a prescription are easily recognisable on our website. These products ALWAYS need an original prescription.

      The exceptions are the anti conception pill and the Nuvaring. This product only requires a prescription for the first order. Simply said: if you within 12 months after your last order, order the same anti conception pill (or Nuvaring), or an anti conception pill with the same active substance, the original prescription acts as a repeat-prescription and we do not need a new prescription.

      An example:
      You order the anti conception pill Microgynon 30 for 3 months on 1 January. This order is used up after 3 months (1 April). If you order the Microgynon 30 (or a pill with the same active substance) before 1 April next year, we do not need a new prescription. This is the case for 5 years.

      In the next cases, we will always need a new prescription:

      • if you order a different anti conception pill
      • if you order the same pill (or Nuvaring) too late


    • Do I need to send my prescription by mail?

      Yes, you always need to send your prescription by mail. The A3 Apotheke can only deliver products if we have received a valid original prescription. A prescription by fax or email is not possible.

    • Can I also hand in prescriptions?

      We will also accept prescription orders. Always try to order your medication using our website. And then send us your original prescription by mail.

      Our post address:

      A3 Apotheke
      c/o Wehrstrasse 10
      46399 Bocholt

    • What happens if a prescription gets lost in the mail?

      From experience, this hardly ever happens. If this does occur however, you can always ask your doctor to write a replacement prescription.

      We cannot be held responsible for the loss of your prescription.

    • How long are prescriptions valid?

      Prescriptions are valid for 6 months after the doctor has last prescribed it. We can no longer accept your prescription after this. It is possible that your doctor can write a new prescription.

      Already stamped prescriptions (for example, by another pharmacy) can also be handed in at us, if they are not older than 1 year.

    • Can I hand in a prescription?

      Yes, we accept all original prescriptions. A prescription is valid for 6 months after the date of prescription.


    • Can I return ordered medication?

      A sweater, which does not fit, can be exchanged. A present you do not like can be exchanged for a voucher, if the salesperson is kind. These products can be sold again.

      If you decide after delivery that you no longer need the medication, you cannot return it. Pharmacies in the Netherlands are legally prevented from selling returned medication again. This legal regulation is because of the accountability, no-one can guarantee that the returned medication still adheres to the strict demands. Besides, no-one wants to take any medication if someone else has already had it. The only thing we can do with returned medication is properly disposing of it.

      Adhering to the European Guideline 97/7/EG and the Dutch Civil Code, article 46d book 7, is it NOT possible to return ordered medication.

      Do not send us any products without paid delivery - we will need to charge you the extra costs of EU 25,-.


    • To which countries do you deliver?

      The A3 Apotheke delivers to all EU countries (thus not to Switzerland). We deliver to:

      Austria€   6,95
      Belgium€   6,95
      Bulgaria€   9,95
      Cyprus€   9,95
      Czech Republic€   9,95
      Denmark€   9,95
      Estonia€   9,95
      Finland€   9,95
      France€   7,95
      Germany (no delivery costs for orders with prescription, € 4,50 otherwise)€   0,00
      Greece€   9,95
      Hungary€   9,95
      Ireland€   9,95
      Italy€   8,95
      Latvia€   9,95
      Lithuania€   9,95
      Luxembourg€   9,95
      Malta€   9,95
      Netherlands, The€   7,00
      Poland€   9,95
      Portugal€   9,95
      Romania€   9,95
      Sweden€   9,95
      Slovakia€   9,95
      Slovenia€   9,95
      Spain€   8,95
      United Kingdom€   9,95
    • Can I pick my order up?

      Picking up your order at the pharmacy is possible. Our address is:

      Polstraat 16
      7091 AH Dinxperlo
      The Netherlands

    • Can I have my order deliver to a packing station?

      Yes, but not for cooled products.

    • Do I always need to pay the delivery costs?

      No, you do not pay any delivery costs for orders with a prescription, otherwise you pay EU 4,50 (Germany). You will always need to pay delivery costs for express deliveries. The delivery costs will also be free for prescription-free products above a certain amount. These amounts are listed below:

    • How long does delivery take?

      If your prescription (if necessary) and payment have been received, the product is immediately send out using DHL. DHL often delivers within 1 business day, including Saturdays. In exceptional circumstances (for example, when a product is not stocked), the delivery can be delayed.

    • Is everything delivered without problems?

      Yes, you will receive your order personally, discretely packaged in a neutral box. Cooled products are also send out cooled.

    • What happens if no-one is home?

      We will also deliver to your specified delivery address, for example at work. Or to a DHL packaging station (not for cooled medication).

    • Which methods for delivery are available?

      Our packages are send out using DHL.

    • What happens if no-one is home at the moment of delivery?

      DHL will make two delivery attempts. If you are not at home, you will find a message in your mailbox, with the location of pick up near you. Of course, DHL can also deliver to your work. Specify an alternative delivery address during the order process. Delivery to a Packaging Station is also possible.

    • Delivery of prescription products in the Netherlands?

      We do not deliver prescription products to the Netherlands. We will only deliver product that are freely available to the Netherlands.