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    Pick up station

    UDo you want to pick up your medication after office hours?


    • fast, safe and practical

    • pick up your medications 24 hours per day?

    • no more queuing?

    • A3 Apotheke offers you this free service

    Step 1, receive prescription

    When we receive your prescription, we put your medication in a post box in our pharmacy. You will receive a free text message with your post box number and code. With this code, you can pick up your medication during and after office hours.

    Step 2, access to the pharmacy

    If you want to access the post box after office hours, you can open the door of the pharmacy with the code you received by text message. You will find a panel next to the door. The door opens automatically and you can access the room with post boxes.

    Step 3, take your medication

    First enter your post box number, which you received by text. Then press OK. After this, enter your code (the same as the access door). You can now open your post box and receive your medication. Please close the post box again. You can open the access door with the button and leave the pharmacy.

    Using our free service

    If you want to use the post boxes for medication, you need to first register at our pharmacy. You will also need a mobile phone. Cooled products and large packages (such as bandages) cannot be retrieved from the post boxes.


    You can fill in the registration form in the pharmacy. If you want to register multiple family members, each one needs a completed registration form. It is important that we always have your current mobile phone number.

    We are looking forward to you next visit!